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  • Delehedy Plastic Flexible Trowels & Blades


    Delehedy are one of our newest brands offering a range of Plastic Flexible Plastering Trowels & Blades. Previously marketed and distributed by Refina, each trowel coming in two main parts the stainless steel mini trowel and a plastic blade holder.

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  • Bond-It Adhesives and Sealants

    bond-it logo

    Bond-It are one of the leading producers of top grade Adhesives and Sealants. They have a wide range of products – all of which are formulated to match a specific purpose. Bond-It produce such a wide range of products there’s something available for every tradesman.

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  • Wera Tools

    wera tools

    Wera Tools was founded in 1936 and remains at its original base in Wuppertal, Germany. The company also has two overseas subsidiaries in Ontario, Canada serving the North American market and in Chesterfield, UK. Manufacturing is undertaken in Germany and the Czech Republic.

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  • DeWalt Power Tools


    DeWalt was formed in 1924 after Raymond E. DeWalt designed and perfected the first radial arm wood saw for the saw mill he was working in at the time. He then opened a production plant and offices located in Leola, Pennsylvania.

    Current DeWalt Radial Arm Saw Current DeWalt Radial Arm Saw

    DeWalt was purchased by Black & Decker in the 1960’s but it wasn’t until 1992 that Black & Decker decided to put its full weight behind the brand. Black & Decker re-branded its own commercial grade tools to DeWalt and at the same time introduced the first line of portable electric power tools and accessories designed for the house building and joinery markets.

    Current XR Li-ion Drill/Driver Current XR Li-ion Drill/Driver

    This was followed two years later with DeWalt launching a new system of over 30 new cordless tools, including the most powerful cordless tool at the time, the 14.4 volt cordless drill/driver and 5 3/8" cordless saw.

    SDS Max Combi Hammer SDS Max Combi Hammer

    As a result of DeWalt’s research working alongside professional contractors, they developed SHOCKS – Active Vibration Control® (2005), currently found on its SDS Plus and 1-7/8” and 2” SDS Max rotary hammers, which reduces vibration by up to 50% compared to hammers without such systems.

    In 2007 DeWalt introduced its first line of lithium ion battery powered tools across three voltages, 18V, 28V and 36V, massively increasing the uses of cordless tools. The cordless system now includes drill/drivers, screwdrivers, impact drivers, impact wrench, saws, flashlights, radios and the first combination drill/driver/hammerdrill.XR Li-Ion DAB Radio XR Li-Ion DAB Radio

    Although power tool production was moved offshore in 2002, in 2013 DeWalt announced that some production would be moved back to the USA thus re-establishing the 90-year bond between the company and US manufacturing.

    Brushless 6 Piece Set Brushless 6 Piece Set

    Today, the DeWalt Power Tools line consists of over 250 corded and 200 cordless power tools and over 800 accessories. It’s cordless 20VMAX - XR line of Brushless power tools which includes brushless motors and high capacity lithium ion batteries are the very latest additions to this premium range.

  • Makita Power Tools


    Makita Corporation was founded in Japan in 1915 as an electric motor sales and repair company. Today it is a global brand operating in over 40 countries with 10 manufacturing plants – those in Europe being located in Germany and in Telford, UK - home to the Makita LXT Combi Drill.

    Makita LXT Brushless Combi Drill Makita LXT Brushless Combi Drill

    Makita’s unmatched quality and durability is driven by the company’s commitment to R&D and product reliability which have earned their tools a worldwide reputation for quality.

    On jobsites around the world, Makita power tools deliver the power, performance and durability that professional users demand - they are more compact, have less vibration and just feel better.

    Makita KP0800 Planer Makita KP0800 Planer

    A great example is Makita’s KP0800 Heavy Duty Planer - the original Makita Portable Electric Planer was released in 1958 and was the predecessor to today’s KP0800 model, which can be found on job sites across the UK and around the world.

    In 1962 Makita introduced their first electric circular saw and that tradition continues to this day in the form of the Makita 5604R Circular Saw with 165mm Blade Diameter.

    Makita 5604R Circular Saw Makita 5604R Circular Saw

    After 10 years of design and testing to ensure quality, Makita introduced its first 7.2V battery powered Cordless Drill in 1978. Significant investments in research and development resulted in increased power and run time, shortened charging time and longer tool life. These same attributes can be found in todays Makita DF010DSE 7.2 Volt LXT Pencil Drill Driver.

    Makita DF010DSE Pencil Driver Makita DF010DSE Pencil Driver

    Next came Makita’s development of brushless motor fastening tools in 2004 - initially for the defence and aerospace industries - but was then made available for the contractors market in 2009 and featured Makita’s first 18V Impact Driver which has since been superceded by the Makita DTD146Z 18 Volt LXT Impact Driver.

    Makita DTD146Z Impact Driver Makita DTD146Z Impact Driver

    Makita created the 18V Lithium-Ion category in 2005, and today offers the world’s largest cordless tool line-up powered by an 18V slide-style battery. Makita’s expanding 18V line-up – typified by the Makita DGA504RML 18 Volt LXT 115mm Angle Grinder - is giving tool users more power, longer run time and superior ergonomics.

    Makita DGA504RML Angle Grinder Makita DGA504RML Angle Grinder

    Central to Makita’s manufacturing process is the belief that to produce a good tool you need a good motor, and Makita makes every effort to make sure their motors are of the best quality.

    They use premium grade steel for the armature shafts and gears whilst high grade magnetic copper wire is used for superior current flow whilst withstanding extreme temperatures.

  • Vaughan Hammers


    Vaughan is based in Illinois, USA and it’s involvement in the tool industry can be traced back to the late 1800’s when it excelled in the production of premium striking tools that still dominate its product range to this day.

    Vaughan Hammer Head Vaughan Hammer Head

    What makes Vaughan striking tools so unique is the attention they pay to all aspects of design and manufacture. For the head they only use high carbon steel which is heat treated to a precise depth and hardness to prevent chipping or fracture.

    Vaughan use a variety of handle technologies including solid hickory, hollow core fibreglass or tubular steel with hickory plugs in order to provide the very best shock absorbing qualities while also promoting exceptional strength.

    Vaughan Hammer Handles Vaughan Hammer Handles

    Additional features that set this brand apart include a crowned and bevelled striking face. The bevel reduces the chances of an off-centre strike chipping the face while the bevel helps drive nails flush without bruising the wood surface.

    Vaughan Crown and Bevel Head Vaughan Crown and Bevel Head

    Double and triple wedges are used to secure the head-handle assembly securely plus, Vaughan's fibreglass and tubular steel hammers use epoxy-sealed steel wedges to maintain the integrity of the assembly.

    Vaughan Wedging Method Vaughan Wedging Method

    Vaughan's classic hammers feature a solid hickory shaft which is harvested from their own managed forests in Tennessee. These hickory shafts have a narrowed grip section and a bell end to secure grip during heavy blows. This classic design is epitomised by their California Framing Hammer.

    Vaughan California Framing Hammer Vaughan California Framing Hammer

    Other Vaughan models feature either their high density fibreglass handle or their solid/tubular combination steel shafts.

    Vaughan E18F Electricians Hammer Vaughan E18F Electricians Hammer

    Fibreglass models such as the Vaughan E18F Electricians Hammer have extra resin forced into the critical neck section of the shaft uniting fibreglass strands to form an ultra-strong compound that still provides for excellent balance.

    Vaughan V4 Curved Claw Nail Hammer Vaughan V4 Curved Claw Nail Hammer

    Vaughan solid steel hammers such as the Vaughan V4 Curved Claw Nail Hammer are forged from high quality, high carbon steel. The tubular steel handles feature a hickory plug that extends well down into the handle to strengthen the critical neck area.

    Vaughan Hammer Grips Vaughan Hammer Grips

    Both types of hammer feature non-slip, cushion grips moulded to the handle to provide exceptional comfort and shock absorption.

  • Reisser Screws


    Reisser are our best-selling woodscrew brand. Based in Stockport near Manchester, Reisser manufacture high quality, high performance woodscrews that are sold domestically and internationally.

    Their two star products are Reisser R2 Woodscrews and Reisser Cutter Screws. Both feature a very sharp 25 degree point and Reissers’ distinctive yellow tropicalized finish giving 20 times more rust resistance than standard BZP screws.

    Reisser R2 Woodscrews Reisser R2 Woodscrews

    Reisser R2 Woodscrews have a wide, deep thread that runs right to the end of the screw enabling immediate starting. The extra sharp point allows penetration into all timbers without a pilot hole.

    Special hardened steel gives the R2 maximum tensile and torsional strength while the invisible Reisser lubricant helps the screws drive in quickly and easily.

    The reinforced collar under the head gives additional support to prevent snapping and allowing for a deep wide Pozi drive to be inserted. This reduces the risk of the bit jumping out and rounding off the edges.

    Available with a full thread (for board materials) or part thread (for pulling two pieces of timber together tightly).

    Reisser Cutter Screws Reisser Cutter Screws

    Reisser Cutter Screws feature two patented slots that are cut into the thread (on 25mm screws and larger) which allows you to screw close to the edge of your work without it splitting.

    Under the head are both ribs and tucks enabling the screw to self-countersink - sitting flush and tight without surface damage.

    The reinforced collar under the head gives additional support to prevent snapping and the wide deep thread means up to a 40% reduction in driving resistance – quick and easy penetration without a pilot hole.

    Each batch of Reisser screws that comes off the production line goes through a thorough quality control process to ensure consistent quality and all screws come in Reissers’ attractive, informative packaging.

  • Hultafors Fisco Brick-Mate & Big T Measuring Tapes


    Fisco is the UK's leading measuring tape manufacturer. Based in Rayleigh, Essex, Fisco has been making high quality measuring tapes since 1939 and currently produce 1000 quality assured tapes per hour for distribution throughout the world.

    In 2008 Fisco was acquired by the Sweden based Hultafors Group with whom Fisco already had a close working relationship. Hultafors themselves have a tool heritage going back 125 years and together Hultafors and Fisco are pushing their dual branded measuring devices to the next level.

    Hultafors Fisco Big T Measuring Tape Hultafors Fisco Big T Measuring Tape

    A great example is the Hultafors Fisco Big T Measuring Tape. Heralded as ‘probably the world's most advanced measuring tape’ it has been designed after hundreds of hours of detailed on-site research with dozens of different trade users, looking at every aspect of how professionals measure.

    The result is a measuring tape with a multitude of user benefits designed for measuring more quickly, easily and reliably. The ergonomic shape moulds to the hand with additional rubber protection at the potential impact points.

    Additional features include; quick release snap-in belt clip; brake control with optimum holding strength; ultra tough blade; polymer clear view end-hook; 25mm blade with 5m and 8m length options; easy inside measurements making add-on’s easy.

    Another great product in the range is the Hultafors Fisco Brick-Mate Measuring Tape. As the name suggests, this tape has been specifically designed with bricklayers in mind with a unique blade design for measuring and calculating brick and block quantities and measuring course heights.

    Hultafors Fisco Brick-Mate Measuring Tape Hultafors Fisco Brick-Mate Measuring Tape

    Also used by builders, contractors and specifiers, the Brick-Mate greatly speeds up planning, costing and setting out work and minimises errors. No need to set out dry bonds – Brick-Mates unique scale does the job in moments.

    Features of the Hultafors Fisco Brick-Mate include; unique three scale (block, brick, metric) measuring; ergonomic ABS case; reinforced sliding end-hook ensuring true zero point; tough non-reflective blade for easy reading; strong positive lock; unique snap-in quick release belt clip; 25mm x 8m blade.

    Both of these Hultafors Fisco measuring tapes represent the company’s dedication to producing perfectly tailored products for the benefit of the end user.

  • ToughBuilt C470 & C420 Saw Horses


    Users are just raving about these fantastic ToughBuilt Steel Saw Horses and so we thought we’d set about providing some more information about them.

    Toughbuilt C470 Steel Saw Horse Toughbuilt C470 Steel Saw Horse

    The ToughBuilt C470 Saw Horse is the ‘entry level’ version but is still constructed with the use of high-grade steel making it extremely tough and durable. And as you'd expect from such a robust piece of equipment, it has a massive 1100 lb. capacity, that's 2200 lb. per pair! The ingenious 2x4 support arms (included) also enable you to transform it into a solid worksite table.

    The ToughBuilt C420 version is slightly more sophisticated in that it also has adjustable telescopic legs to allow you to use the saw horse/worksite table on uneven work surfaces. In addition is has an increased load bearing of 1300 lb, (2600 lbs per pair).

    ToughBuilt C420 Steel Saw Horse ToughBuilt C420 Steel Saw Horse

    Both saw horses feature a fast-open mechanism making them simple and straightforward to set-up. As with all ToughBuilt products, these saw horses are able to withstand challenging work environments thanks to the powder-coated and zinc-plated steel that also prevents corrosion.

    And that is not all – these folding saw horses pack down neatly into an easy-to-carry package complete with carry handle for effortless transport plus rolled edges for safety. In our view – the perfect workmates!

  • Estwing Black Hammers and Axes


    Since the 1920’s Estwing has taken pride in designing and manufacturing the world's most durable, comfortable and attractive striking tools. Their hammers, axes, specialty tools and pry bars are manufactured in the U.S.A. to the highest possible standards and offer true value for money to both tradesmen and enthusiasts alike.

    Here we’re focussing on the Estwing ‘Black’ range of hammers and axes – truly exceptional products with a unique look and outstanding performance.

    Estwing Black Ultra Series Hammer Smooth Face Estwing Black Ultra Series Hammer Smooth Face

    The Estwing Black Ultra Series Hammer – Smooth Face is formed from a single piece of US forged steel – no welds, no joints - for dependability and durability. The sleek profile makes them lighter and more aerodynamic than most other hammers and the rust resistant enamel finish helps them retain their looks.

    In addition, these hammers feature Estwing’s World famous and patented Shock Reduction Grip. The most durable and reliable grip put on any striking tool.

    Estwing Black Ultra Series Hammer Milled Face Estwing Black Ultra Series Hammer Milled Face

    Then there’s the Estwing Black Ultra Series Hammer with Milled Face which bears all of the same features of the smooth faced version but has a milled face for non-slip hammering performance.

    The head of both hammers feature a magnetic nail starter, a side nail puller and both hammers come in 15oz. (425g) and 19oz. (540g) weight options.

    Estwing Black Tomahawk Axe Estwing Black Tomahawk Axe

    A related product comes in the form of the Estwing Black Head Tomahawk Axe. These one-piece US forged axes are designed for the use of outdoor sportsmen, uniformed services and military personnel.
    The lightweight (771g) and slim-profile design makes it easy to carry and it is perfectly balanced and weighted to take the strain out of its use.

    As with the hammers, the lack of any welds or joints ensures it is made to last and it also comes with Estwing’s nylon vinyl Shock Reduction Grip for comfort and durability.

    Estwing Black Double Bit Axe Estwing Black Double Bit Axe

    And finally there’s the even more exotic looking Estwing Black Double Bit Axe. Again, this axe is designed for the use of outdoor sportsmen and uniformed professionals and is perfectly balanced and weighted. It’s exactly 1kg (38oz.) in weight with a length of 43cm (17.2”).

    Both of these axes come with a rust resistant, black enamel finish and come complete with hard wearing sheath for blade protection.

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